endancestudio dance camp plus 日本初!!!ダンスワークショップ集中プログラム!!!


DANCE CAMP PLUSに参加ご希望の方は価格・コースをご確認のうえ、REGISTRATIONの申込みフォームからご予約ください。


※ It will be a 90 minute lesson per class.

※お支払い方法は、事前店頭払い・お振込・ネットクレジット決済(VISA,Master Cardのみ)が可能となっております。
※Payment method: advance front payment, transfer, net credit payment. Please note that there will be no payment of the day.
 For foreigner participant, please do the payment by net payment ONLY.

※All prices are written on tax-excluded price.

※For the schedule, please check the schedule page.

・There will be a possibility of schedule changing without early notice.
If there is a change, we wil inform you through our website and SNS.

・You can't participate in the class without earlier confirmation of payment.

・Refund after payment can't be issued for any reason.

・If you want to participate in the lesson additionally, please apply again after choosing all the previous choosen shedule.
In that case, please select additional lesson request. 

【 Dylan Mayoral Piece Auditionへ参加をご希望の方へ 】
・3月21日(水)のDance Camp Plus Showcaseへ出演でき、3日間のリハーサルにも必ず参加できる方のみオーディションへご参加ください。
・オーディションの振り付けを行いますので、3月16日(土) 12:00-13:30 Dylan Mayoralのクラスに必ず参加してください。

【To Those Who Join The Dylan Mayoral Piece Audition】
・Could join the Dance Camp Plus Showcase on March. 21th and rehearsal for 3 days.
・Paying the audition fee (2,160yen) . (It is different with class ticket.)
・Coming Dylan Mayoral’s class on March. 16th (Sat ) , at 12:00pm to 13:30pm. Because of audition’s choreography.
・Successful people should pay for the entry fee (15,200yen ) and Finale ’s T-shirt fee (3,000yen ).
※ Include the fee of entry, choreography, rental studio and rehearsal.
・To pay one’s own expense, about clothing, rehearsal studio, to venue’s transport and so on.
・Showcase’s place is 練馬文化センター(NERIMA CULTURE CENTER).