What’s En?

About En Dance Studio

The Most Exciting Place on the Earth.

En Dance Studio is NOT Dance School, BUT Dance Studio.
Our Studio is full of energy and excitement.
It’s a creating space for all dancers beyond nationality and dance styles.

Point 1


Unlimited course and ticket course.

Unlimited course is the most popular and good deal.
In Shibuya, we have 3 different studios and 6 dance rooms in total.
Everyday you can take classes and train hard without traveling a lot.

Point 2


Only 5min away from Shibuya Station.

You can visit three of our studios by walk from Shibuya station.
There are some convenience stores and cafes close to our studio.
Shibuya which our main studio is located is overflowing
with energy and new culture.


Point 3


En means “Connection” in Japanese.

English available!!
We support your staying in Japan!
(Free Wi-Fi, charging spot, English-speaking staff available, Multi-language Display)
Get the original En goods at our souvenir store!!
Our staffs will support you and make your staying in Japan more enjoyable!!

Point 4


Collaborating with BlueNoteTokyo, SINOSTAGE, Hard Rock Cafe etc…

Beyond the dance industry, we are collaborating with other companies.
Supporting dancers is one of the biggest Motto of En Dance Studio.

Point 5


From Tokyo, Japan to the World.

Our movement is reaching out to a lot of people all over the world.
Youtube subscribers 60,000 people! Total number of views 23,650,000!!
Facebook 8500 likes ,Instagram 71,000 Followers.
We keep creationg something new and exciting.


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