🇰🇷 Lusher / Tatter×Yuto WORKSHOP 🇰🇷

🇰🇷 Lusher / Tatter×Yuto WORKSHOP 🇰🇷
Street Woman Fighter 2にて[BEBE]メンバーとして活躍したLusher,TatterがEn Dance Studioにやってくる🔥

\\En Dance Studio会員はポイント利用可!✨//


【 日程 】3/22 16:45-18:15  Lusher
       18:15-19:45 Tatter×Yuto
【 場所 】En Dance Studio SHIBUYA B-studio
【 料金 】 4,400 円





【 Date 】3/22 4:45pm-6:15pm Lusher
        6:15pm-9:45pm Tatter×Yuto
【 Place 】En Dance Studio SHIBUYA B-st
【 Price 】 4,400 yen(in tax)


【How to register】
(1) Members
Access My Page (click here) → Select “Lusher/Tatter×Yuto WORKSHOP” from Event Workshop Details → Make a reservation

Access My Page after registering as a virtual member (click here) → Select “Lusher/Tatter×Yuto WORKSHOP WORKSHOP” from the event workshop details → Make a reservation

*Please note that we accept payment in advance. We do not accept payment by phone or orally.
*We will start accepting applications one hour before the lesson starts.
*No refunds will be made under any circumstances after payment is made.
*No refunds will be made under any circumstances after payment has been made.
*If a customer mistakenly purchases multiple tickets, no refunds will be made.
*Tickets are non-transferable.
*Theft is at your own risk. Please take care of your valuables.
*Please take care of your valuables.
*In the unlikely event that the event is cancelled, participants will be refunded by EnPoint regardless of payment method.
*In the event that the WORKSHOP is cancelled, we will refund the money to the participants by EnPoint regardless of the payment method.
*Please check with the instructor if you would like a video of the WORKSHOP, as we are unable to give the video directly to participants.