frequently asked questions
Q.What is En Dance Studio like?
A. Our motto is “Surprise, Create, Share”. We have been trying to create the place and space which people can be surprised and moved by dance. Dance classes here are more than dance lessons. We always try to offer something new, for example, new dance style, new teacher, new events, international couches etc… We also have various options for the courses. You can choose unlimited or ticket course. Enjoy your dance journey here with us at En Dance Studio.
Q. How is the atmosphere at the studio?
A. You may think of our studio like "scared" or "difficult". But if you come to our studio, the atmosphere is nice and friendly. There are high skilled students, but also beginners and people enjoying dancing as a hobby. We also have a lot of visitors from all over the world. Our staff are always there for students and instructors. Communicate with us and join our En community.
Q. What kind of courses do you have?
A. We have unlimited course and ticket course. Of course, for foreigners, we have unlimited and ticket courses for international students. If you live in Japan more than three months, you can register as a regular students. Ask our staff, which course would be better for you! We can give you a suggestion and decide it together!
Q. How can I register?
A. You can visit our reception at the studio in our opening time, or register on our website. For international visitors, we have a virtual membership so that you can register, purchase your class course, and book the classes online.
Q. Do you have any age limit?
A. You must be 9 years old or older to take Kids classes. But if you have been dancing more than 2 years, you can take any classes even though you are still 6 years old or older.
Q. What do I need for the registeration?
A. Only for regular registration not for international students.
1. ID with a photo on it (your driving licence, student ID)
2. bank card, bank information
3. Your name seal
4. Course fee for the fisr two months.
Q. Do you have any showcase?
A. Yes, we have the annual dance recital of En Dance Studio. More than 10,000 people come to see the show every year. Our directors and choreographers create amazing show with students of our studio. It's one of the biggest events at En.
Q. Can I take class right after registration on the same day?
A. Yes! You can take class after your registration is conformed. Ask our staff if you have any questions about booking and taking classes.
Q. What is the age range of the students?
A. The majority of the students are people in teens or twenties. But there are also young kids and people who are in sixties! For all students, we are providing a lot of classes with different dance style and levels.
Q. Should I take same class every week?
A. You don't have to take same class every week. Explore and find your favorite dance style and teachers.
Q. I couldn't finish all of my tickets by the end of the month. Can I use for the next month?
A. If you are a regular student who lives in Japan more tham three months, you can use the tickets for the next months too. But if you are temporary taking classes as a international student, you can't use the tickets for the next time. Check "course & price" to see more information.
Q. Can I just visit and see? Is it for free?
A. Yes, feel free to visit our studio anytime. Talk to our staff at the recepcion and tell that you would like to seeclasses. Our staff helps you to get more information about our studio.
Q. When are the studio's holidays and vacation days?
A. We have summer holidays, new year holidays. We will inform you on our SNS and website if we have any other holidays.
Q. What is friend invitation?
A. By using friend invitation, you can get special offers.